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Be:comeは「鳥取出身の先輩から考える、私たちの将来」 というコンセプトのもと、鳥取出身の著名人の軌跡をたどる鳥取マガジンさんの新規連載企画です。将来について考える機会が多い高校生・大学生たちにとってBe:comeは貴重な情報源であって欲しいと考え、彼/彼女らにとって情報を控えるのに最も身近な「ノート」と「付箋」を用いた視覚構成にしました。視覚的な入り口となるロゴは視覚構成のコンセプトを踏まえ、手書きのデザインを採用しています。 Be:come is a new serial project by Tottori Magazine that follows the trajectory of famous people from Tottori, based on the concept of ``Our future as seen by seniors from Tottori.'' We want Be:come to be a valuable information source for high school and university students who have many opportunities to think about the future, and we created a visual structure using notebooks and sticky notes, which are the most familiar tools for them to withhold information. I made it. The logo, which serves as the visual entrance, is a hand-drawn design based on the concept of visual composition.